You can find the exercises and lessons you created or that have been shared with you in one of your repositories.

You can access your repository overview by going to 'Repositories' in the top menu.

Here are some things you need to know about repositories:

  • You can create multiple repositories. Think of them as folders. From now on, we’ll refer to them as a repo

  • You can have personal a repo: this is a repo that you have not shared with anybody. 

  • You can have a group repo: this is a repo that you have shared with one or more persons. Learn how to share a repo.

Now click on your personal repository to enter it.
You can see you’re in a repo, as the name of the repo is displayed at the top left.

You can change the name, just click the pen icon next to it. 

You can now find subjects, unlinked exercises and tests under the first three tabs.

  • Subjects can be placed on your course map. A subject can either contain only exercises or contain a lesson and exercises.

  • Exercises that are linked to a subject can be viewed by clicking that subject. Unlinked exercises are placed under the second tab. 

  • You can find tests, rather unsurprisingly, under the 'tests' tab. 

To create a new item, go the tab of the material you want to create and click 'new ... '.
Now you can go ahead and create new exercises or new lessons. 

Do you want to work together with others in creating material? You can do this by sharing your repo. Learn how to share a repo

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