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Requesting new features in Grasple
Requesting new features in Grasple
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At Grasple, we're constantly working to make our platfrom better. To do so, we rely on input from our users about which features to add or to improve.

If you have an idea for a new feature, or would like us to improve an existing part of the platform, please let us know!

NOTE: Because of the volume of incoming requests, we cannot promise to implement them all. We do promise to take your requests into serious consideration in our product development plans.

Organisations with a Functional Application Manager

If you're a student or lecturer at an organisation with a Functional Application Manager for Grasple, you can submit your ideas with them. They will make sure to share your ideas with us.

If you're not sure whether your organisation has a Functional Application Manager, contact us at

Organisations without a Functional Application Manager

If your organisation does not have a Functional Application Manager for Grasple, you can submit your requests by filling out all the fields in one of the following forms:

We will contact you within two weeks to confirm we've received your request and to ask clarifying questions if necessary.

Grasple's product development process

For some context, here is how our development process works:

  • We work in structured development ‘cycles’ that are six to eight weeks long.
    A cycle will often consist of one or two big projects and always a number of smaller tasks. Since big software projects are hard to plan, we work by the principle of ‘fixed time, flexible scope’. During the cycle, we will deliver the most important parts and see how far we get with the lower priority tasks.

  • We determine our priorities by looking at the collective input from our users. We look for synergies between multiple requests to make sure our new features serve as many users as possible. In addition, we always prioritise the projects that are necessary to keep as Grasple secure and stable as you've come to expect.

  • We roll out new features continuously, and keep an overview of updates here.

  • This approach enables you to influence our roadmap and to see what we're working on. At the same time, this process enables us to work on our development projects with the essential focus that is required to create high-quality and stable software.

  • If you have any questions about this process, please let us know by contacting!

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