Creating a text export of a subject
Want to get an overview of all texts in a subject? In this article we explain how you can export a complete subject to text.
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  • Get a quick overview of all the text on slides and exercises in a subject

  • Extract all texts of a subject to translate in offline

  • Export your subjects to share with colleagues outside of Grasple

  • Create an archive for future reference

This is all possible by using the text preview of a subject.

The text preview can be found in the more menu of the edit-view of a subject:

When you click on this button you go to a new page:

This page renders:

  • The introduction of the subject

  • All slides of the subject

  • All exercises of the subject

For all exercises and questions it contains the overall feedback and all answers including specific feedback (if available).

If you want to get all the Dutch text simply switch to Dutch via the flag in the top-right corner.

We hope you find this preview useful. Should you have any comments or remarks please let us know via the chat!

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