The principle to keep in mind here is: you can only add subjects to your course. You cannot add individual exercises to your course. 

First some background information on the terms we use here: 

  • The idea is that the item a student sees on the lesson map is a Subject. 

  • A Subject should consists of at least a number of Exercises. 

  • In addition, it may include a Lesson, meaning an explanation that teaches a student how to solve the Exercises linked to the Subject. 

Therefore, we call the thing a Lesson if it includes an explanation and call it a Subject if it only includes exercises. 

Scenario I: Exercises not yet organised into a Subject

You cannot add individual exercises to your course.
In order to publish exercises to your students, you first need to organise them into a Subject. Please refer to this article on how to achieve this.

Once you have linked them to a Subject, you can proceed to scenario II. 

Scenario II: Adding Subjects

Here is how to add Subjects to your course:

Suppose you have created a copy of an exisiting Subject and changed a few things here and there. You can see this Subject in your repository. You now want to add it to your Course so that students can access it. 

1] Go to your Course map (in the top menu, click on 'Courses').

2] Make sure you have edit rights for this Course (you should see a white bar below the top menu) .

3] Click on 'edit'. 

You should now see the unlocked icon, stating 'editable'.

4] On the left of your screen, you'll find your Repositories

5] To find your Subject, click on the name of the Repository in which it is stored or use the search bar.

6] Drag the Subject into the right Module in your Course.

7] Click 'Save' or 'Preview'. Your Subject has now been added to your Course!

Have you accidentally added the wrong Subject? No worries, you can easily remove it from your Course by hovering over the Subject and clicking the garbage can icon. 

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