How do I remove an exercise from a subject?
Do you want to use an existing subject in your course, but without one or more specific exercises?
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There are two scenarios:

I. The subject was created by you or you have been granted edit rights

When you have edit rights, you see an unlocked icon, stating 'editable'.

In this case, select the challenge, make sure you are in edit mode, click 'more' and click 'Remove from subject' and confirm.

  • If the exercise was created by you or you have edit rights for it, you can still access the exercise from your repository. 

  • If the exercise was created by someone else and you do not have edit rights, it will no longer be visible to you. 

II. The subject was not created by you and you have not been granted edit rights

In this case, you must first copy the subject, because you cannot edit the subject itself. 

Once you have created your own copy of the subject, go to the exercise(s) you want to remove and follow the steps explained above under section I. 

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